That’s me.

I was graduating in 2017 with an English Literature degree and a belly full of anticipation and fear as to what the future was going to hold. What follows is sure to be a wild ride of unemployment, debt and desperate insecurities. Stick around if you are into books, theatre or just want to see how miserable it can be navigating life as a twenty something.


Stephanie Beaumont likes to write in third person to give the impression that she is a professional human with actual real achievements others may write about. Stephanie likes romantics meals for two and long walks on the beach… wrong bio goddamnit… She is passionate about literature of all shapes and sizes and an avid theatre consumer – she drinks it all in as though her eyes are straws. Miss Beaumont is also a raging intersectional feminist, vegetarian and general annoying do-gooder trying to make the world a better place taking small steps at a time.


Okay I am done talking in third person but I guess to be truthful, I am here to express my opinions, rave about things that I love and share the crippling anxieties that fill my silly little head. I don’t really know how or what this will turn out to be but I’m going to give it a go.


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