Graduation – One Year On

Holy crap – It has been one year since I graduated from University.

I can’t tell if you can see the fear in my eyes of what was to come??

The statement above makes me feel all kinds of sick and weird and emotional at once. I wonder what one year ago me would think of current me? Have I achieved all that she wanted to achieve in the vital first year out of graduation? Probably not. Am I the slick, cool graduate with a huge network of creatives and a multitude of on-the-side jobs taking the world by storm? Definitely not. Despite this, looking back on what has been a really tough year, I think I’ve done pretty okay.


Now I’m not going to go through and list the career related jobs I’ve had and the fun things I’ve done (spoiler alert – not that much lol) but what I will say is that everyone has their own path. While it may bring some a small piece of satisfaction to stalk someone elses Facebook page or try to find their LinkedIn to compare who is doing ‘better’, what I consider to be much more important is focusing on your own timeline. Some people get their dream job straight out of school, others don’t until they are much older or never find that perfect career – everyone’s idea of success is different and I like to remind myself that people should MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS.

giphy (1).gif
Children have all the wisdom

Maybe this is a blog post to remind myself of this as I am definitely guilty of the above. That said, I try to remember that ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. So if you are rocking an awesome graduate job – You go! or if you are just doing a job that pays the bills – You go too! and if you are still applying for jobs – You go also! We are all equal in the struggle through this crazy, weird and difficult life.


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