Getting out of the ‘Admin Slump’

Working a 9-5 job in admin, I feel like it’s really easy to get sucked into the routine of getting up, going to work, spending my lunch break watching whatever show on Netflix I decided to binge for the week and then going home and doing the same. I find myself having not visited a place other than my work and home and not socialised with anyone other than my parents (yup unapologetic millennial living at home over here), coworkers or boyfriend for an embarrassing number of days. Depending on the job, doing the same thing everyday can really drain the energy out of me and so its taking the time to plan to try new things or meet up with friends which can really make the difference to my week.

Here’s a few of the fun things I’ve been up to which have helped me get out of what I lovingly refer to as the admin slump:

Such a cute show!
  1. Theatre – There’s really nothing I enjoy more than a good show. A play to get the brain clogs whirring or a musical spectacle for the eyes to devour, something magical is held between those few hours when you can switch off from the real world and dive into someone elses for a while. Last month I saw Brief Encounter which is on at the Empire cinema – yes I said cinema at Haymarket. A beautifully produced adaptation of the classic film, this show was a delight. Mega bonus was the great deal which the TodayTix app were offering on seats and due to the show being in a cinema, every seat had a great view. I am vowing to spend a little bit more time getting myself up into London to see some of the great shows on at the moment.
A few of my recent picks from the library

2. The Library – My attempt at the 50 Book Challenge for 2018 got off to a really good start but slowed down almost as quickly as it had sped up. My overcrowed bookshelves of the juxtaposition between beloved classics and books I read once and will no doubt not touch again groaned at the idea of buying more and the game of Tetris to fit them all in which would follow. Then I magically remembered a place where I could take any book which interested me FOR FREE, and then return it without ever having it to go near my shelves. For real though, I kind of forgot how great libraries are and how fun it is to find random recommendations in the books whose spines have long been cracked. I picked up a few books to improve my chances on the race to 50 books and am currently reading The Muse by Jessie Burton for my work book club. Although different from what I would usually pick, I’m enjoying it so far.

The beautiful Sparkie enjoying the sunshine

3. Getting Outside – This is probably a no brainer for most people but a lot of the time I spend my weekends doing chores and tidying my room so I don’t get a lot of time out in the sunshine. Lets also be honest, I am a pretty lazy person so my idea of a good time usually involves any type of pizza and chilling with my friends watching a movie. That being said, I’ve been making more of a conscious effort recently into sitting outside on my lunch break or planning trips that involve actually being outside. Over the past bank holiday, I planned a trip with my boyfriend to the boating lake at Regents Park. We took a picnic to eat in a shady spot and then spent an hour pedaling around the lake with what seemed like half of the rest of London. It was lovely but as you can probably imagine from the drivers in London, they aren’t all very good at controlling a boat. The sunshine certainly did me some good and I arrived back to the office refreshed and ready to take on a new week.

I wish I had looked this peaceful whilst I was paddleboarding

4. Fun exercise – In the spirit of trying new things, a friend and I decided to give Stand-Up Paddleboarding a try at our local outdoor activities centre. What followed was an evening of giggling, feeling peaceful and general working really hard not to fall into the lake. It was also surprisingly a pretty good workout as you have to focus on your balance and using your arms to row yourself along. As it was the beginning of the summer watersports evenings at the centre we were pretty much the only ones there so it was nice to have a chance to catch up in private whilst trying something fun. I’m definitely hoping to go back as I really enjoyed it!

Enter a competition or use an adult colouring book – whatever gets the juices flowing

5. Creating – The thought of going back on a computer after spending a whole day attached to a couple of screens might sound nuts to some but whether it be on your computer, in a notebook or on a canvas I think a great way to unwind after a long day is to create. I take part in a pottery class on a Monday evening after work and it really improves my mood after a long day. Its fun to do something with my hands and can feel really fulfilling to watch your hard work turn into something great. Other fun things I’d like to do more of to create are to enter more creative writing competitions and explore drawing or painting.

So that’s it – Just a few of the things I’ve been trying lately to improve my life outside of my office. I am by no means perfect and will definitely be looking to more of my own advice to try to combat the blues which I sometimes feel from working in admin.


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