Post-Graduation Musings.

Graduating from University is the strangest experience.

On the one hand, leading up until these months of freedom into the world of work and my career have been so unbelievably slow – weeks of ‘lasts’ feeling un-momentous as I begrudgingly attended final lectures and handed in pieces of coursework which had been hurriedly completed amongst searching for graduate jobs. A new ‘last’ occurring so regularly that they easily slipped my mind until I realised with a jolt that there will never be a reason to go into the lecture centre again or even be on campus anymore.

The time passed by so quickly that I find myself waking up and remembering that I am no longer a student, a teenager, or as obliviously optimistic as I once was. I am where my whole life has been leading up to – educated and ready to take on the world, so why is it that I look back on the past ten years of secondary education, sixth form and uni and feel despair that I won’t ever get the chance to learn so broadly again?

When I first left compulsory education at the age of sixteen everyone around cheered that the days of learning subjects which they had no interest in were over. I too joined in, cheering that I no longer had to endure dreaded Maths lessons or one of my very least favourites – Physics. Yet coming away from the past decade I can’t help but feel that I will never have the opportunity to study so many interesting subjects like History, Art or Religious Education again – Don’t get me wrong, Maths and Physics will never be my jam but I wish now that I had relished those opportunities while I could.

I think this all comes down to the fact that time passes so damn quickly – I remember so vividly the fears and doubts I had when joining secondary school and laugh because those same fears are back again on a bigger scale as I enter my life as an adult. If anything, the feeling that time has passed in what seems like no time at all shows that living in the moment is the best way to live life. The bad times when I thought my whole life was falling down around me have passed but the good times when I thought I knew everything there was to know about life and I was on top of the world have passed as well. You have to live through each moment, warts and all because it is these moments, bad and good which make up who you are.

Looking ahead I wonder what direction my path will take me in but for now, I want to remember some precious moments from the past as each have helped shaped me into who I am.

Enjoy my interesting style and general awkward teenager-ness –

DSCN0063.JPGMy 16th Birthday.

DSCN0353.JPGGerman class was one of my happy places – mainly for the pissing about we did drawing all over our whiteboards.

RSCN0311.JPGI don’t know why thumbs up always seemed to be my go-to pose haha.

DSCN0388.JPGLast day at Swakeleys!

57560_10152508226903069_4530743916750318527_oSome of my main crew from 2012 – this was the day after Prom and god was it painful.

Lets see how long I can last out of education before I relapse into a Masters!



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