So I made a blog, now what?

I’ve had this blog page set up and raring to go for over a year now. At the advice of a careers counselor at uni, I fired up my laptop, created this page and then promptly forgot about it.

slow clap gif

Good job me, I know.

The idea was that I needed a place which I could direct potential employers to in order to ‘show off’ my skills in writing. As it turns out, my 3rd year at University studying English got pretty intense and I found it hard to find time to write for fun when deadlines and dissertation pressures were being lobbed at me left, right and centre. Like some kind of terrible football goalie, I took a few balls to the face (cheeky) as I struggled with attending classes, writing essays, being on the committee of a society and keeping some kind of social life.

juggline gif

Me trying to juggle my priorities.

So what am I doing writing on this blog now?

Its coming up to my graduation from Brunel and basically, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. For the past three years I have known that I was working up until this point and now I am absolutely terrified by the prospects of just entering full-time work until I retire! I’m sure this is probably not what will happen and considering the well-publicised lack of opportunities for graduates currently, I imagine I will be working multiple part-time jobs whilst desperately searching for an entry-level roleĀ into a career I am not even sure I want to go into.

oh shitIt’s an exciting prospect, I know.

So that is where this blog comes in. Perhaps more so than using this as a tool to show potential employers my writing, I want to use this blog as an outlet for the rollercoaster of a journey ahead of me. Who knows what path I am going to follow from this point onwards and I want to use this blog to document my thoughts and feelings along the way. Whether it may be a blog post about recent books, theatre show or films I’ve enjoyed or maybe my thoughts about current events – I want to make this blog a place that I can share the things that I enjoy.

Here are the goals that I want to set for myself for this blog:

  1. Have fun! – Going out into the world as a new graduate can be very serious at times and as I battle it out to try to get a job I want this blog to be a fun space for me to create something I am proud of. It’s not here to be a chore like a piece of homework so I hope that everything I post will be something that I am happy with, rather than bashing out a post just for the sake of it.
  2. Write regularly – I think I am the kind of person who needs a little bit of structure in my life and if I don’t commit to writing on this blog regularly then it may not happen at all. I’d like to say that I want to write something at least once a week but I’m going to take it as it comes and hope that I can achieve this.
  3. Be true to myself – I like to pride myself for living my life as authentically as I can. I don’t want to be one of those people who appear as though they have a perfect life online because I don’t! I pledge to show the good and the bad and not censor myself to show a *rose-tinted glasses* version of my life.

chloe gif

Shit’s about to get real.

There we are. It’s not been too painful so lets give this whole blogger thing a go. Stay tuned to see what other exciting things I have planned!




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